Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Artist

There are many ways to define your eyes with the right makeup techniques. Using eyeliner, liner, and shadow can create incredible eyes. You can adopt diverse eyes by purely applying the combination of products like using double mascara, reverse Smokey eyes, brush mascara vertically to add extra length which makes your eyes sultry.

Many say the eyes are the windows of the soul. Without perfect eye makeup, your prettiness is incomplete. People are pleased with good looks and eyes. Book an eye makeup artist in Delhi for parties or wedding functions only at The Makeup Artist.

We use hi-fashion best brand tools for clientele. We always think about to serve better. You will get the best eyelash makeup with the newest trend in the market. At makeup artist, we can make your eyes look perfect even if you have sleepless nights or have overnight work for an approaching venture. We treat baggy eyes with flair.

We have a regular client list that trusts only our work. We provide you extra-dimensional eyelashes that are perfectly curled with utterly done brows, eyeshadows, heighten, and contouring. Apt you with the realistic make-up look with talking eyes. Women can enlighten a thousand words just by making eye expressions. As eyes an important feature of women’s treasure, it can woo people surrounding her in no minutes.

  • Eye Brows 50.00
  • Full face threading 300.00
  • Smokey Eye 1,500.00
  • Upper Lip/Forehead/Chin 90.00