Nail Art Extension

Nail Art Extension Artist

Nail art is an ancient art; practiced around back in 3000 B.C. Egyptians used nail art to show their status. The nail polish was invented in China. The beauticians around the globe fell in love with the practice of nail art since then and women showed a variety of nails. Now a day’s nail art is one of the top trends. 

When any female says she has done her nails means she either did extensions or has ornamented her nails. This is a beautiful way to make hands gorgeous in its looks. Hands of women are her assets because long fingers and sleek hands look stunning and attractive. 

Come to The Makeup Artist and book the best nail artist in Delhi for your parties, bridals at an affordable price. You can flaunt your superb nails at parties and get people attention and applauds. We can provide a variety of colour combination, ornamental, designer, and chic nails. Every art is finished applying protective gloss and better quality with a longer stay. We style your nail determining the event you are with. Our experts always use best quality nail paint and give you direction how you can manage work afterwards getting the art.

  • Agelock anti ageing facial 1,500.00
  • Agelock de tan clean up 1,000.00
  • Agelock hydra charge up 1,000.00
  • Agelock pore clean up 1,000.00
  • Agelock shine and glow facial 1,500.00
  • Co2 mask/03 rubber mask 500.00
  • Handy Nail Art 500.00
  • Lotus 4 layer facial 2,000.00
  • Lotus Basic Facial 1,200.00
  • Lotus gold sheen facial 1,500.00
  • Lotus ultimo Gold facial 3,000.00
  • Lotus ultimo pearl Facial 3,000.00
  • O<sub>3</sub> Seaweed advance facial 2,500.00
  • O<sub>3</sub> Seaweed facial 1,500.00
  • O<sub>3</sub> whitening advance Facial 2,500.00