Party Makeup

Party Makeup Artist

Want to look your best at the party? Pep your looks from best Party makeup artist in Delhi. Our family of fashion gives you wondrous tresses and award you gorgeous shiny skin. The tiredness of the day often remains on the face so it should be removed. We have all the right styling tools for every look you desire to have.

We ensure to provide you the best pouting photo shoots with pigment-rich lip shades. We securely give best packages that are most needed for the party. Hassle free process gives the best hair treatment will turn the heads of people to you at the party. We complement massages to you relieve from day-end stress. We give the best hairstyles, which suit your personality and sprout the lovely deep woman inside you. We have a huge variety of blazed eyeshadows and lip shades will match your style wear. Applying the latest hairstyle, we can do with all lengths of hair. You can choose any hairstyle like Bun, Plated, full open, curls, straight. We will enhance your features with Smokey eyes and cream contours, using concealer shades lighter than your skin tones. Provides you flawless makeup and we ready you according to your choice adding best possible advice on your decision.

  • Full arms/full legs 1,200.00
  • Full body 2,500.00
  • Full front/full back 1,200.00
  • Gold bleach 400.00
  • Half arms/legs/front/back 1,200.00
  • Hand/feet 1,200.00
  • Oxy face bleach 400.00
  • Sara Dtan 500.00